In addition to supplying our high-quality ethylene generators, we can help you maximimse the effectiveness of your ripening rooms.

Analysis and troubleshooting

The latest ultra high sensitivity (10 ppb) ethylene/CO2 analyzer is part of our portfolio. With this we can accurately assess respiration rates of stored fruit and check ethylene levels in your cold stores. We can also use our equipment to troubleshoot and ethylene/CO2 problems and recommend where you need to scrub.


When supplying our ethylene generator, we use our diagnostic equipment to configure an accurate dosing program to suit your ripening rooms.

We can also calibrate your ripening room ethylene sensors on site. Once a ripening room has been analysed for leakage we can programme the system to deliver exact outputs to maintain the level you require without the need for gas sensors.

Scrubber Sales / Hire / Servicing

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