Every scrubber unit now comes with our certificate of scrubber performance giving you confidence in the ethylene scrubbing efficiency. We offer a full performance testing service for all makes of scrubber.

Testing and certification of performance.

  • Volumetric air flow rates
  • Ethylene scrubbing performance
  • Confirmed ppm per minute scrubbing rate
  • Confirmed ppm per cubic meter scrubbing rate
  • Issue a certificate with each scrubber


We recommend the units are periodically serviced to ensure optimum performance is being delivered. The efficiency of a Scrubber unit can degrade over time: this is mainly due to fouling which reduces the catalyst efficiency. Scrubber units should be tested every 24000 hrs of service to verify performance

Scrubber units servicing:

  • Internal inspection
  • Regeneration of catalysts
  • Control system functional test
  • Replacement of failed components
  • Performance testing and certification


BRM have invested in dedicated testing facilities which allow us to test scrubber efficiency assuring you of the performance of all scrubbers supplied or serviced by us.

We can calibrate your ethylene detectors and sample your CA room atmosphere confirming Ethylene and CO2 concentrations.

  • In-house / mobile Absoger gas analyzer detecting ethylene down to 10 ppb
  • Dedicated testing facilities
  • Performance testing of scrubber units
  • Analysis of CA room atmospheres on site or by post (tedler bags)
  • Ethylene Sensor / detector calibration (on site or by next day courier)

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