Denatured Ethanol EMC2 and ethylene generators available from Ethylene Management Company SuffolkDenatured Ethanol EMC2 and ethylene generators available from Ethylene Management Company Suffolk

We can now supply EMC2 Ethanol and ethylene generators

The Ethylene Management company has now obtained CDR and HSE Authorisation for its EMC2 denatured ethanol and can now provide a complete service offering EMC2 ethanol on a next day delivery basis, alongside our BRM ethylene fruit ripening generators.

Fruit ripening catalytic generators

Our director John O’Brien has a long history in the development of ethylene generators using catalytic generation of ethylene.  The process is the dehydration of ethanol over a specialist catalyst manufactured for the Ethylene Management company by the BASF.  Ethanol is used to ripen fruit such as avocados and bananas.  John previously ran the company British Ripening Machines.

Over the past 8 years John has worked hard to satisfy the requirements of the Chemical Regulations Division of the HSE to produce denatured ethanol EMC2 that can be bought as a package with our ethylene generator (which is still branded BRM). We have achieved new levels of purity and standards for ethylene production as a result. You can follow the link to find out more about the history of our EMC2 ethanol product.

Elevated levels of purity in our EMC2 denatured ethanol

Since 2019 HSE purity/requirements have been 90% ethylene with no ethylene oxide (carcinogenic) above 1 mg per Kg. Our ethylene generator and denatured ethanol (branded EMC2) has achieved a market leading purity of 99.6% ethylene with no impurities, only 0.4 % 02 (water).

EMC2 is classified as a denatured alcohol and these are highly regulated substances in the UK. Each and every part of the distribution chain must be licenced with the correct certification and approvals are required not only from the Chemical Regulations Department or CRD for also from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approvals are also required from HMRC because ethanol is an alcohol.

The Ethylene Management Company has gained all the required approvals for EMC2 denatured ethanol

We have managed to achieve all the necessary approval and are now selling our EMC2 ethanol with BRM ethylene generators again. Ethylene management is the only UK company offering both our catalytic generators for fruit ripening and the denatured ethanol they need as a package. We can also provide both separately if required.

Competitive pricing, ECM2 ethanol for fruit ripening is cheaper than imported denatured ethanol

Although input prices have increased over the years that we’ve been developing our ECM2 ethanol for our fruit ripening generators, we can still sell our products cheaper than the imported versions. Until now the only option has been to buy Ethanol from the US but now you can purchase your fruit ripening generators and our ECM2 ethanol in the UK.

Catalytic generators for fruit ripening build in the UK from UK sourced components

Because our ethylene generators and ECM2 ethanol are produced in the UK from British sourced components, they reduce your company’s carbon footprint as well as being cheaper. Since the 2019 CRD/HSE changes we are the only UK company to hold authorisation to the latest requirements as well as HMRC approvals and can now supply ethylene generators and denatured ethanol EMC2 as a package and we can deliver next day.

Contact [email protected] to discuss your requirement for Ethylene generators for fruit ripening and denatured ethanol EMC2.

Price promise on ECM2 Ethanol

Although we’ve invested heavily in getting our ethanol to the market, we don’t intend to create a monopoly with ever increasing prices. We are giving a price promise to supply below the current price and when our investment is repaid, we intend to reduce the price further. In short unlike the usual laws of supply and demand, the more UK ripening companies that us ECM2 ethanol the lower the price will become.